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Growing Up Technology

Many people see technology as a solution to some of the problems that exist on our planet. It’s true that technology can be used for good, but with new developments come new challenges issues. The digital divide is one such issue, one that people are actively trying to overcome. Telecentres aim to bridge the digital divide by providing people access and knowledge about information technologies. A global telecentre movement is growing right now. Unfortunately, even where computer facilities are readily available, the digital divide persists—even in the world's most wealthy countries, access to the latest and most beneficial technologies is limited for those in rural areas and people with disabilities.

The internet may looked uncontrolled; however, telecommunication companies and governments around the world own the infrastructure behind the internet, and different governments and companies are asserting that ownership in different ways. No sole entity controls the internet, which is making the concept of internet governance or the uniform application of rules a very complicated issue.

However, these are not the only observations to be made. Recently, many advances in mobile media and technology have been made, creating a new world of possibilities. Our challenge is to figure out how to use technology - both the existing and the emerging - for good, and how to assure its access and use in the most democratic way possible.

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