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Easy way to Learn VB.NET

Chapter I
** Visual Basic .Net Concept
Visual : Method used to create a graphic user interface(GUI)
Basic : Beginner all purpose symbolic instruction code (Programming language)
: The .NET Framework provides an unprecedented platform for building Windows, web,
and mobile applications with one or more languages. It is a definitive guide, encompassing and
encapsulating where we have come from as a development community and, of course, where we are

Visual Basic .Net : Windows development language.
Windows : Is a simple rectangular region with its own boundaries
Ex: Explorer, Display, Icon, Textbox, Command Button…..
The .NET Framework provides the base for all development using Visual Studio 2010. It provides base
classes, available to all Visual Studio 2010 languages for such functions as accessing databases, parsing
XML, displaying and processing Windows and web forms, and providing security for your applications.
All languages in Visual Studio 2010 share and use the same base classes, making your choice of a
programming language in Visual Studio 2010 a matter of personal preference and syntax style.
1/Event Driven Model:
-Procedure (or traditional) application
-Event Driven application
2/Interactive Development:
Write Code, Compile, Test
Ex: Used C language

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