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Google Earth (Official) APK

Google Earth APK, Download Google Earth (Official) APK and Explore the world from the palm of your hand with Google Earth.
You can easily navigate with your fingers, using:

  • a one finger swipe to move the globe
  • a two-finger pinch and rotate to zoom in and out and rotate your viewpoint
  • two-fingers swiped together to tilt your view
  • a one single finger double-tap to zoom in and
  • a two-finger double-tap to zoom out

* Bug fixes
New in 7.0:
* Tour guide: Explore places you never thought to search for with new tours of your favorite cities, historic landmarks and natural wonders.
* 3D imagery: Take flight above entire cities in 3D. Get started with Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Geneva or Rome and look for new additions in the coming weeks. Available for devices with dual-core processors.

Download Here

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