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ទាញយកWindows 8 Professional+Enterprise 4 in 1 Download ដោយឥតថ្លៃ

ទាញយក Windows 8 Professional+Enterprise 4 ក្នុង 1កញ្ចប់


File ទំហំ: ៣.៤៨ ជីកាប៉ៃ

ចុចត្រង់នេះដើម្បីភ្លាមៗ (4 in 1 ISO)

រឺចុចត្រង់នេះ Mirror (4 in 1 ISO)


windows 8 is the latest microsoft windows...
Activate your windows 8 proffessional or enterprise in simple way.
Before Installition we required product key,without producy key you cannot proceed.
Working product keys:
Updated key-

VMNVQ-VH6XM-GCYW7-4X8VM-8FDG3(working till)

*After that how to activate-

I successfully activated my W8 Proffessional by using this method:
I use product key:
VMNVQ-VH6XM-GCYW7-4X8VM-8FDG3(try 1st)
if  key does not work,then also try again same key,if again not use another key
How to activate your Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise:
1. Run cmd as admin. Enter slmgr /ipk   VMNVQ-VH6XM-GCYW7-4X8VM-8FDG3(Only for Enterprise and Pro) or after installisation go to pc setting and you see activate by phone.
2. Turn off your internet connection
3. Open activation window and click Activate. It'll show your an error i.e key does not work and again put another key or same key
4. After that you'll see Activate by phone button.
here is the toll free number of microsoft
Phone: 80018354 (i tried on skype for toll free)
5. i chose united kingdom for the country, Call microsoft and enter code from message, which you will see i.e you will write below digit of 1 to 9
6. you should choose for business, If they ask about number of computer, where you will use this key, say 1
this should work and your w8 should be activated for good. goodluck!

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