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Excel VBA Macro Programming

This book will guide you how to use Visual Basic for Application to develop Excel applications with some powerful functionality of help from this resource.

Here is some advantages that you’ll get from this book :
  • Write and debug VBA code
  • Create custom dialog boxes and toolbars
  • Take advantage of the Excel object model

  • Write code to interact with a database
  • Use application programming interface (API) calls 
  • Create and use class modules
  • Develop unique menus within the Excel menu structure
  • Expand calculation and search functions
  • Write macros for customized worksheets
  • Create full-fledged Excel add-ins
About the Author: Richard Shepherd has been developing software for blue-chip corporations for 20 years. He has produced VBA code in Excel for major projects, including profit-and-loss reporting and business planning and budgeting.

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