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One Click Copy and Delete any Type of Documents

Command line is  very simple. but it very useful for network administrator to perform and fast and reliable tasks in one click.  I’ll show you a quick simple command line in Microsoft Windows to copy any type of documents and delete the source files, here we can say one click still all of your friends’s document using command line.
To start command line, go to start > run and type ” cmd “
xcopy d:\*.doc /s /h f:\
del d:\*.doc /f /s /q
The above command line will copy all Ms. Word documents from your friend’s D drive to F drive and delete.
To make is simply, just open notepad copy and paste the above command and save it as batch file (.bat). For best real world, I use this command to cut all staff’s files like .mp3, .mp4,… or something else.  Sometime it become more useful if you set it automatically start when windows starting up.
To learn more about windows command line, just type the syntax with /? (ex: xcopy /?)

By : Sam Vichea
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