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Google’s 12 best Android apps for 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, ‘ol Googs has finally revealed their top picks for apps of the year. If you’re expecting Holo-themed diamonds in the rough, you may be left wanting. Google said their pics were based on compatibility with both tablets and smartphones, and even a few veteran apps who recently found themselves redesigned made the cut.
While I don’t have any particular objections with Google’s picks for best of 2012, I was only a bit disappointed to find there weren’t really any surprises. See for yourself and let me know if you agree. In no particular order, Google’s best Android apps for 2012 are:




Grimm’s Snow White


Expedia Hotels & Flights


Fancy Personal Finance

SeriesGuide Show Manager

Pixlir Express


We, at Phandroid, will be throwing together our own list in the coming days but I have to say, I don’t think any of above apps will be making the cut. But — what say ye, Phandroids? Agree or disagree with Google’s list for 2012?

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