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Undead Slayer 3D Armv6 APK

Undead Slayer 3D Armv6 APK
Unfolding in the background of the Three Kingdoms 'already dead' and struggling with the endless ...
New action thrill in my hand!

Amazing graphics filled with thrilling action movements 
- Optimized touch controls with vivid moves
- Command 20 different skills, rolls, special attacks, and more! 

Change heroes during battles with the unique 'Tag System' 
- Promote Generals and play as another hero when you're in trouble 
- Generals take action with original weapons and skills that include bows and arrows, spears, fans, double swords, qigong, and axes.

Various Maps and Stages 
- Strategy plays in different stages of enemy annihilations, punitive expeditions, horse carriage guard battles, and siege warfares

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