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Vritra 1.02 APK

Vritra 1.02 APK
Throw down a challenge to all the 80s and 90s gamers. Get back the enthusiasm you had once!


-This is a 2D side scrolling shooter. Control the dragon and the vajras to destroy the enemy!

-Use the single boost button only. Keep pressing to blow up the enemies! 

-There are 4 kinds of vajras. Take advantage of characteristics of each vajra: 
  • Blue vajra... Concentrated front attack 
  • Green vajra... Defense 
  • Yellow vajra... Wide range attack 
  • Red vajra... Technical all directions attack 

-Each vajra has a different boost behavior! Mastering how to handle the vajra is the key to rule the game! 

-You can multiply your score by damaging or destroying the enemy with boost! Build up more multiplier and aim at a high score! 

-Support replay function! Download the other users' replay data and learn how they completed the game! 

What's in this version :
  • New : new difficulty!
  • Bug fix : Dragon Freeze Bug.

Download Here

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